Results 2015

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Congratulations to all of the teams that came out and raced with us on Saturday–especially after the Murray Half Marathon! Every single team made it back to the finish line despite the heat and some of the crazy tough clues! You are all rock stars! Thank you to The Murray Bank and everyone who came out for helping us raise over $1200 for Need Line! That’s a record for us! The results posted below are after all of the penalties have been added up.


1. Get On Your Neeleys             2:51:46

2. JAWS                                      3:15:39*

3. KAKA                                      3:19:40*

4. The Prime Factors                3:29:57*

5. SIGMA                                    3:34:42*

6. Bobo Brigade                        3:35:29*

7. Wet My Plants                      3:48:38*

8. Pugs Not Drugs                    3:58:05*

9. Squirrels of Glory               4:07:25*

10. Richmond Lions                4:19:03*

11. Mighty Ganders                  4:25:23*

12. Big Rich                              4:28:26*

13. Tri-Beta                             4:40:09*

14. Kraken Sloths                   5:28:12*

*Indicates the team received one or more penalties


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