Results 2013

Congratulations to everyone who participated! Once again everyone crossed the finish line despite a few minor clue complications! All of the final times (including penalties and adjustments for the Hampton Inn/Phone Call clue) are posted below! Great job!!

1. Coldwater UMC Allstars   1:53:12

2. Papa Duck and the Ducklings   2:20:49

3. Happy Happy Happy!   2:36:54*

4. The Untouchables    2:53:46*

5. The Lovely Ladies of SAI   2:58:21*

6. HR Divas   2:58:47*

7.  $wag Team 6     3:15:29*

8. Lynn Grove and Coldwater UMC  3:31:25*

9. Big Gold   4:03:24*

10. Mucci to the Max  4:45:34*

11. Saving Paws   4:56:57*

12. Big Blue   5:11:00*

*Indicates at least one thirty minute penalty was received. A few teams received up to five penalties in this year’s race.


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