When does the adventure begin?

The race will be on Saturday, April 14th at 11:00 am. Registration begins at 10:00 am and the awards ceremony will be at 2:30 in the afternoon. Anyone who does not complete the race by 2:00 will receive a DNF (Did Not Finish).

 How much does it cost?

  • March 1st (first deadline)
    • $30 for a 2 person team
    • $36 for a 3 person team
    • $40 for a 4 person team
  • March 16th (second deadline)
    • $35 for 2
    • $40 for 3
    • $45 for 4
  • April 2nd
    • $40 for 2
    • $45 for 3
    • $50 for 4

What comes with the registration fee?

You will get:

  • A day to remember!
  • An awesome T-shirt
  • Packet of clues and helpful hints
  • Prizes for the top teams
  • A bag full of goodies

What are the prizes?

First Place: $200!

Second Place: $100!

Third Place: $50!

Oldest Team, Best Costume, and many more categories: A variety of gift cards and goodies from the sponsors!

**Door Prizes will be given away to the contestants at the awards ceremony!**

How do I win the prizes for “oldest team?” 

The oldest team prize will go to the team that completes the race with the most years under their belts! That means if Great Grandma Sue (Age 85) and Uncle Joe Bob (Age 67) join Lucy (Age 35) and Ted (Age 19) the team will have a total of 206 years! So, invite everyone of all ages!

How many teams will compete in the race?

Our goal is to get 30 teams signed up, but that all depends on you! Invite your friends, family, and dentist—this is sure to be an amazing day!

I’ve never even run a race before; will I still be able to do this one?

The race is set up so that every team can go at their own pace to complete the tasks, but if your team wants to win the prize money you’ll have to step up your game! Participants in past races agreed that bringing a bicycle was the best way to go!

Do I have to have a teammate?

Yes, every team must be made up of at least two people, but can have up to four people.

Who can I be on a team with??

You can form a team with your friend, family member, work buddy, or favorite grocery store cashier! (All participants under the age of 18 must complete a participation form signed by their legal guardian)!

What are the tasks like?

There will be 12 challenging tasks ranging anywhere from puzzles to physical challenges. The tasks will be all throughout the city of Murray–from individual businesses to places on Murray’s campus to tasks in the park–and participants will be allowed to complete tasks using their phones, maps, bystanders, public transportation, running/walking/biking, and their brains.

Why should I participate in Maneuver Murray?

This race is a philanthropic event that will benefit Murray’s local non-profit Needline.  All of the funds that Murray State’s Honors Program Student Council raises will go directly to benefit families of Murray and Calloway county.

I can’t participate in Maneuver Murray, but I would love to help sponsor you! What do I do? 
Murray is an event looking to grab the attention of everyone–from old to young, local businesses to corporations, families to college students, and everything in between. This event is not simply another fun Murray event. It is an opportunity to help families in the surrounding community. So, whether you’re looking to get your company’s name out there, be a part of an extremely exciting event/adventure, or just help out a worthwhile cause, Maneuver Murray is the perfect event to lend a hand. To receive further information about sponsoring this event, please email maneuvermurray@gmail.com.

More questions?

Email us at maneuvermurray@gmail.com


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