About Maneuver Murray

What is Maneuver Murray?

Maneuver Murray is a race throughout Murray to solve ten clues demanding physical, puzzle-busting, and mental excellence! Inspired by events like Amazing Race and Great Urban Race, we’ve found the formula for a good time. One part race, one part puzzle-cracker, one part Murray exploration, a few parts philanthropy for Needline, and all parts fun.

How does the race work? 

All of the teams will be given a packet of 12 clues leading them all around Murray at 11:00 AM on race day. Then teams will have until 2:00 PM to complete at least 10 out of the 12 clues to receive a race time and be eligible to win the grand prize. Although this event can be referred to as a race, it encompasses quite a bit more. This race will challenge your mind, heart, body, willpower, and ability to have a great time.

You mentioned a team can complete just 10/12 clues, will there be any penalty for that? 

Yes. For every clue that is wrong/incomplete, there will be 20 minutes added to your final race time. Each team must have 10 out of the 12 completed, and for any additional incomplete tasks 20 minutes will be added. This means that if a team crosses the finish line at 1:02:02 with 3  incorrect clues, their time will be marked as 1:22:02. If a team crosses the finish line at 1:02:02 with 2 incorrect clues, they will receive a time of 1:02:02. All teams are responsible for carrying all of the completion proof with them to the finish line.

We receive 12 clues? What does that even mean? 

Clues will range in difficulty and could be anything from challenging a team mentally to challenging a team physically. This could range from puzzles and word games to competing in obstacle courses. You’ll just have to show up to fully know what those clues are!

Will I be allowed to use resources like my cell phone/GPS/laptop/mother from Michigan? 

Some of the clues may require the knowledge of ambiguous facts; however, you do not have to be a trivia expert to master the challenges. Three claps for technology! The use of cellular phones, laptops, a GPS, and Internet-accessing devices WILL be permitted along the course. Teams can even call friends (or mothers from Michigan) standing by the internet ready to help to look up answers to clues.

You said the race is all over Murray, do I have to walk all over town!? 

Absolutely not. You may run, skip, jump, leap, hop on one foot, or gallop all over town. Teams are also permitted the use of bicycles (suggested). Teams may also stick with the old-fashioned running/walking about town idea–more power to ya!

Teams may NOT use any other sort of transportation, including accepting rides. Any teams caught violating this rule will be disqualified.


2 thoughts on “About Maneuver Murray

  1. Judy, thank you for your question! The answer is that ANYONE is eligible to compete in the race. We ask that participants under the age of eighteen have their parents sign a form, but other than that the race is completely open! In fact, we even have a prize for the oldest team! After combining each participants age, the group with the highest combined age will receive an awesome prize! We hope that people of all ages will come out to compete in Maneuver Murray!

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