Ready, Set, Race!

Congratulations! You have completed the first step to accomplishing the coolest thing you’ll do this year! Just look around this site–it’s full of information about the philanthropic event that Murray State University’s Honors College Student Council is gearing up to host. You may or may not have heard the name before stumbling upon this page, but get ready to start hearing it a lot more because this is an event to get everyone talking. From the road into Murray to the road out of Murray, the words on everybody’s lips will be Maneuver Murray!

You may be thinking something along the lines of–I hardly know how to spell manuver  manuevur maneuuvor maneuver (or even know what it really means), so how in the world am I supposed to know what this Maneuver Murray thing is!  Maneuver (The trick is the ‘e’ before the ‘u’–thank you, Google) can be a noun or a verb meaning “a movement or series of moves requiring skill and care.”  Well, that is exactly what sort of challenge the HCSC is bringing to Murray!  Head on over to the About Maneuver Murray page to read more!  That page mentions that Maneuver Murray is “one part race, one part puzzle-cracker, one part Murray exploration, a few parts philanthropic event for Needline, and all parts fun.”  The rest of this website focuses on the race, Murray exploration, and fun parts, but before you check all of those out, take a minute to read this section about the philanthropy part.

Murray State’s Honors College Student Council is extremely excited for this philanthropic event.  Seriously, what part of a race around Murray to complete challenges and find out which of your friends have a competitive side wouldn’t be the FUN part of fundraiser?  For the HCSC, however, this is an opportunity to raise funds to support the local community.  Whether by providing food for kids on the weekend through Needline’s Backpack Program or supplying hygiene products for a family–this race/urban-esque challenge was set up with the primary goal of raising money to help support the community. The projects Needline takes on, both big and small, are the reason for Maneuver Murray.

That is why those of us at the Honors Program Student Council ask, propose, welcome, bid, suggest, challenge, summon, invite, and DARE you to MANEUVER MURRAY. 


Maneuver Murray 2018 is Sponsored By: 



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